Fostoria High School Class of 1995
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Ten-Year Class Reunion Held August 13th in Fostoria!
This site is about as simple as they come. But, I've put up some photos from the reunion and hope it can serve as a clearinghouse of class information and upcoming reunion announcements. Enjoy.

In Attendance...
Kori (Schreiner) Bernal, Carri Cassidy, Anne (Schwepe) Wince, Rodan Reiter, Jeff Essman, Jennifer (Kummerer) Schroeder, Andy and Allison Brough, Brian Shaver, Gabe Wedge, Staci (Phelps) Kraylek, Dana (Foster) Miller, Stacy (Rhodes) Cobb, Doug McGee, Randall Cooper, Adrienne Cohen, Kenzi (Clouse) Green, Tanika (Tucker) Reed, Sapna Bedi, Ira Turner, Scott Scifers, Joy (Smith) Huffman, Jennifer (Caras) Klapperich, Erica (Hare) Hobbs, Stephanie (Pahl) McKinnon, Brian Navarro, Heidi Smith, Mandy Strahm, Brandy Sneller, Ryan Drenning, Shannon Emmons, Jed Thorp, Lisa (Jones) McCoy, Shannon Kinn, Ryan Lucius, Shawn Doogs, Eric Capetillo, Walter Talley, Jeremy Pahl, Misti (Shultz) Bell, Beto Bernal, Eric Stearns, Annisa (Anderson) Price, Dan Searles, Lirio (Ceballos) Escobar, Amanda Gallo, Rory Coleman


Mark your calendars for the 15-year Reunion - Summer of 2010