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I will hopefully be adding photos to this page as classmates e-mail them to me.


(Pardon the red eyes in most of these pictures. I wasn't able to edit it out.)

Shawn Doogs and Carri Cassidy share a laugh

Libra Martin, friend, and Adrienne Cohen smile for my annoying camera.

Allison (McCoy) Brough and Ira Turner

Joy (Smith) Huffman and Gabe Wedge

Carri Cassidy proudly displays her "parting gifts."

Haley Stroman and Eric Capetillo

Shannon Kinn, Lisa (Jones) McCoy and Kori (Schreiner) Bernal

Heidi Smith, Kori (Schreiner) Bernal and Randall Cooper

Jed Thorp and Rory Coleman

Lirio (Ceballos) Escobar and her husband, Ricardo

Sapna Bedi and friend

Jennifer (Caras) Klapperich, Stephanie (Pahl) McKinnon and Lisa (Jones) McCoy

Staci (Phelps) Kraylek, Randall Cooper and friend

Anne (Schwepe) Wince and Haley Stroman

Tanika (Tucker) Reed, Amanda Gallo and Anissa (Anderson) Price

Mandy Strahm, Doug McGee and Amy (Nelson) Lee

Shannon Kinn, Steph (Pahl) McKinnon, and Jennifer (Caras) Klapperich

Brian and Stacy (Rhodes) Cobb

Steph (Pahl) McKinnon and Carri Cassidy

"How do we hold this sign again?"


Feel free to e-mail me more pics, and I'll get them on the site.